AIM for Seva

To Chatralayam With Love

As AIM for Seva enters its 25th year shortly, our journey doesn’t end with just educating and empowering students from rural India. We ensure that our students take back home some of the best practices that that they have imbibed during their Chatralayam years and thereby bring about a difference to the lives of people from their villages and communities.

Kedar Dodwe is a shining example of how an educated man can bring about a change in his village, family and community.

An alumnus from our Chatralayams (Indore and Hoshangabad) in Madhya Pradesh, Kedar relentlessly campaigned in his village (Tiwadiya in Dewas district, Madhya Pradesh) and urged all the village folk to take their Covid 19 tika (vaccine shot).

“The youth has the power and people do listen to them,” he says.

Back home, Kedar’s monthly income has provided his family the much needed financial stability. He is currently employed with the Department of Higher Education at Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. “Today, I have reached such a point that I am standing on my feet. I am financially stable and I am also able to help my family members back home,” he declares proudly.

In the same way, Ashutosh Gupta, A. Poovizhi, Inaineh Khongdup, Jemima Molshoy and Vikram Kushwah are some of the many Chatralayam students who continue to retain strong ties to their Chatralayam

In fact, many of our coordinators are also actively encouraging graduating students to continue retaining ties to the Chatralayam and contributing back in some way. Many students have responded positively and have donated their first month’s salary to AIM for Seva. In some instances, alumni networks have also been formed with former students contributing their bit, month on month, on a regular basis.

While the amounts may not be big but what is important is the large hearted spirit that they have imbibed from the Chatralayam eco system is what makes each of these contributions so unique.

This is the change that AIM for Seva has been able to bring about effectively in the lives of many students from rural India through its value-education model.

Expanding the AIM for Seva Parivar

On 4th of June this year, an alumni meet was conducted at the Bapu-Buddh AIM for Seva Chatralayam for Boys, Indore, Madhya Pradesh. The event saw participation of 30 alumni members along with their respective family members. The air was filled with excitement and nostalgia with many former students recounting how the Chatralayam became a home away from home for them during their formative years.

Many alumni warmly recollected how the Indore Chatralayam had been an important catalyst in their personal growth where they had learnt some of life’s most valuable lessons. They expressed their heartfelt gratitude to AIM for Seva for coming into their lives at a critical phase with the Chatralayam providing a nurturing and caring environment during their childhood years.

We are happy to share that many of the alumni from the Indore hostel are today gainfully employed in various family based professions or have set up small businesses of their own.