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Joining TCS: Two AP boys Make AIM Proud

Ramakrishna Yatagir, an alumnus from the Kosuri-Doraiswamy AIM for Seva Chatralayam for Boys, Bapatla, Andhra Pradesh, has been placed with TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) as an assistant system engineer.

Ramakrishna joined the Bapatla Chatralayam 12 years ago when he was in Class 6. He passed out from the hostel this year. Ramakrishna who did his B.Tech in Civil Engineering aspires to be part of the MES (military engineering services) division of the armed forces. Recollecting his Chatralayams years, Ramakrishna says they were the most happiest days of his life. “I did not suffer from home sickness. I settled in well almost immediately and the Bapatla Chatralayam became a second home for me.” He looked forward to the Annual Day celebrations and other important functions in the hostel campus that were conducted regularly. As Ramakrishna grew older, he became a lead organiser for many such functions.

Both his parents are dairy farmers. They came in touch with the local AIM for Seva coordinator during a field trip. Inspired by how the movement started and the hostel facilities on offer, Ramakrishna’s parents decided to enroll him at the Bapatla Chatralayam.

Ramakrishna will be joining TCS’s Bhubhaneshwar office on 5th May 2022. He offers his gratitude to the institute that nurtured him in his formative years. “I thank the AIM for Seva management with all my heart and also offer my gratitude to all the donors who supported me in my education as well as my well being all these years. I will continue to maintain ties with AIM for Seva,” he says.

The Bapatla Chatralayam where Ramakrishna stayed and studied for 12 years is home to boys in the age group of 7 to 19 years. Students from the neighbouring 17 villages stay and study in this boarding residence for 10 months, every year. This hostel has a computer facility in its premises.

Similarly, G. Mohan, an alumnus from the Tiruvikrama Bala AIM for Seva Chatralayam for Boys, Gudivada, Andhra Pradesh too has been placed with TCS as an assistant training engineer at Hyderabad. Mohan who joined the Gudivada Chatralayam when he was in Class 7 completed his B. Tech in Electrical Engineering from the V.K.R, V.N.B & A.G.K College Of Engineering, Gudivada, Andhra Pradesh.

The Gudivada Chatralayam is home to boys in the age group of 9 to 22 years who come in from the neighbouring 23 villages. This hostel has a kitchen garden. In terms of knowledge enhancement features, it is equipped with a library and computer centre.

AIM for Seva congratulates both Ramakrishna and Mohan and wishes them success in all their future endeavours.