AIM for Seva

From Chatralayam to School

Having gained experience in the field of rural education for over two decades now, AIM for Seva is looking to strengthen its presence in the hinterlands through schools. The Trust is already running four schools, two in Tamil Nadu and two in Madhya Pradesh.

Bhoomi Puja for a New Co-Educational  Residential School , Roorkee, Uttarakhand

The Bhoomi Puja for the Swami Dayananda Saraswati Vidyalaya was performed at the site in Gummawala village, Roorkee, Uttarakhand on 17th April 2022.

The function was presided over by the Chairperson and Managing Trustee of AIM for Seva, Ms.Sheela Balaji, Swami Sakshatkrutananda Saraswati ji, Vice Chairperson, Arsha Vidya Peetham, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand and Swami Hamsananda Saraswati ji, coordinator of AIM for Seva’s projects in Uttarakhand.

The special guests of honour on the occasion were Smt. Kamlesh Kumari Choudhary (one of the donors to the project), Sri. Srinivasan Raman, Chief Operating Officer, AIM for Seva USA.  Sri. V.S.Rana, Plant Head, Lucas TVS Limited and and Sri. D.D Satywali, human resources manager from Lucas TVS Limited.  Sri. Gunanand Rayal and other senior staff members from SDS School, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, were also present on this occasion.

In her speech, the Chairperson and Managing Trustee of AIM for Seva, Ms. Sheela Balaji outlined the  vision and mission of Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati and why AIM for Seva was committed to opening up of Chatralayams and Vidyalayas across India. AIM for Seva’s value-education model focuses on holistic development of children from rural India and tribal lands. Our educational projects strive to uplift people from lesser privileged backgrounds and also open doors for employment opportunities.

AIM for Seva would like to thank the following donors of the Roorkee School.  Their unstinting support has enabled us to fulfil the vision laid down by our Founder, Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati.

School Construction Sponsors

Smt. Varalakshmi and Sri. Sankar Niranjan of Hartford, CT

Smt. Uma and Sri. Ram Venkatraman of Knoxville, TN

Smt. Kalpana and Sri. Bharat Dave of San Francisco, CA

Smt. Mina and Sri. Kirit Kanakiya of Atlanta, GA

Smt. Neelam and Sri. Shachi Rattan of Dayton, OH

Smt. Saraswati and Sri. Kumar Nochur of Boston, MA

Smt. Rani and Sri. Ajit Goel of San Francisco, CA

Smt. Kamlesh Kumari Chowdhary of Philadelphia, PA

Pittsburgh Community, Pittsburgh, PA

Girls Chatralayam Construction Sponsor

Anonymous donor

Boys Chatralayam Construction Sponsor

Smt. Pammi and Sri. Vijay Kapoor of San Francisco, CA

Staff Quarters Construction Sponsor

Sri. Balasubramanian of Albany, NY

Bhoomi Puja for a New Co-Educational Residential School, Rajgurunagar, Maharashtra

The Bhoomi Puja of the new co-educational residential Vidyalaya in Pangari village, Rajgurnagar, Maharashtra was done on 19th April 2022.

Present on the occasion were Swami Chitprakashananda Saraswati ji, project coordinator, Maharashtra, Swami Aishvaryananda Saraswati ji, coordinator of AIM for Seva’s projects in Madhya Pradesh, Swami Brahmaprakashananda Saraswati ji, coordinator of AIM for Seva’s projects in Rajasthan, Sri. Srinivasan Raman, Chief Operating Officer, AIM for Seva USA,  Smt. Kamlesh Kumari Chowdhary (a donor of the Roorkee school), Sri. Nikhil Doshi
architect, Sri. S. Jothi, Sri. Somnath R. Choudhari and local villagers.

We thank the following donors for coming forward to help fulfil Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati’s vision for rural India.

School Construction Sponsor

Smt. Falguni and Sri. Bhupen Patel of Chadds Ford, PA

Girls Chatralayam Construction Sponsor

Smt. Sheila Gujrati and Sri. Jordan Cohen of San Diego, CA

Boys Chatralayam Construction Sponsor

Smt. Latha and Sri. Pramod Deshmukh of Elmira, NY

Staff Quarters Construction Sponsor

Smt. Sheila Gujrati and Sri. Jordan Cohen of San Diego, CA

Bhoomi Puja for a New Co-Educational  Residential School , Belgaum,  Karnataka

After north (Roorkee, Uttarakhand) and west (Rajgurunagar, Maharashtra) it was time for a Bhoomi Puja in south India. The Bhoomi Puja of the upcoming co-educational residential Vidyalaya at Tondikatti, Karnataka, was done on 21st April 2022. Over 150 people from villages surrounding Tondikatti participated in the function.

The Swami Dayananda Saraswati Vidyalaya (A Unit of AIM for Seva) is located in Budhni Tondikatti village, Ramdurg taluk, Belgaum district, Karnataka.

The main attendees from the AIM for Seva family included Swami Aishvaryananda Saraswati ji (project coordinator, Madhya Pradesh), Swami Chitprakashananda Saraswati ji (school project coordinator and project coordinator, Karnataka and Maharashtra), Swamini Swatmanishtananda Saraswati ji (project coordinator, Karnataka), Swami Abihinava Venkatesh Maharaj (coordinator, Tondikatti Chatralayam), Sri. Srinivasan Raman, Chief Operating Officer, AIM for Seva USA  and Sri. S. Jothi..

The donor family (school construction sponsor) was represented by Sri. Kiran Avva. Smt. Kamlesh Kumari Chowdhary  (a donor of the Roorkee school), architect Sri. Nikhil Joshi and Sri. Somnath R. Choudhari also graced the occasion with their presence.

The section officer from Karnataka State Electricity Board, Sri. R.B. Pammar , Sri. M. .R. Alabe and Sri. Mallikarjun Haggannavar (tahsildar) from Ramdurg taluk were the local attendees.

The students from our Chatralayams in Kalabhavi ,  Kanesagiri and Tondikatti Chatralayams attended the function along with their wardens.

We like to express our gratitude to the following donors for the upcoming school in Belgaum, Karnataka.

School Construction Sponsors

Smt. Nagaveni and Sri. Soma Avva of Dayton, OH

Girls Chatralayam Sponsors

Smt. Sucheta and Sri. Prasad Nallamothu of San Francisco, CA
Smt. Sushma & Sri. Gurmehar Bhatia of San Francisco, CA

Boys Chatralayam Sponsors

Smt. Sundarimani & Sri. Natesh Magge, DC

Staff Quarters Sponsors

Smt. Geeta and Sri. Sashikant Patel