AIM for Seva

From the Beneficiary’s Angle: An Interesting Case Study

Apart from having a strong presence in the field of rural education, AIM for Seva also runs health centres and a residential facility in Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu,  that provides lifetime care and support to adult (men) with developmental delays.

As part of community development and engagement initiatives, vocational training classes are imparted to women in rural and tribal areas across Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Uttarakhand with 200 women getting benefitted annually.

These women are empowered to be independent, financially self-reliant and in turn inspire other women in the neighbourhood.

Beneficiary Ms. Geeta Thapa’s story is awe inspiring and showcases the transformative impact of programmes like the AIM for Seva Tailoring Centre. Despite facing significant challenges after losing her husband and having limited familial support, Geeta’s determination to improve her circumstances led her to pursue the tailoring course offered by our centre.

By diligently completing the course and receiving support from the Centre’s teacher, Geeta not only gained valuable skills but also the confidence to start her own tailoring business. Her monthly earnings of Rs. 4,000 rupees may seem modest to some, but for Geeta, it represents a significant improvement from relying solely on an Rs.1,500 widow pension. Moreover, her ability to attract bulk orders for stitching deities’ clothes highlights her entrepreneurial spirit and the potential for further growth in her business.

The support provided by the AIM for Seva Tailoring Centre has not only empowered Geeta economically but has also given her a sense of independence and dignity. Her success serves as a testament to the effectiveness of initiatives aimed at skill development and livelihood promotion for marginalised individuals. Through her perseverance and assistance provided by the Tailoring Centre, Geeta has been able to overcome adversity and create a better future for herself and her daughter.