AIM for Seva

Winds of Change: Educating Children from Rural India

After being a recipient of love and care in our Chatralayam in Madhya Pradesh, Balram Kushwah is now giving back to society in his own small way.

In addition to his job at the postal department, Balram has kept himself busy throughout the pandemic by teaching students from rural and tribal India.  Balram’s arthimetic classes are popular with students listening to him in rapt attention while he goes on explaining the concepts on a blackboard.

The venue is Panegaon, Balram’s village. During the last 18 months, Balram taught English, Hindi and Mathematics to the students. “Many of them came from the neighbouring villages as well. Their schooling had got disturbed due to the pandemic,” says Balram Kuswah.

Balram taught students till Class 8 in a makeshift classroom in Panegaon. While the classroom infrastructure was basic, but Balram’s commitment did not go unnoticed. He received a positive feedback with over 100 students benefiting from his teaching during the height of the pandemic.  “In addition to regular subjects, I also transmitted some of the moral and cultural values that I learnt during my hostel years to the students.”

Balram Kushwah is presently employed with India Post as Assistant Branch Post Master in Sironj tehsil, Vidisha district, His monthly income is now Rs 15,500 and that is a huge leap when compared to the family’s annual income of Rs. 50,000 largely derived from farming and farm labour work.

Balram is now preparing for the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) examinations . He is also keen to pursue MA (masters in arts) programme.

Balram takes us through his journey via this short testimonial.

“My most honourable pranams to all. Pujya Swamiji and all the supporters of AIM for Seva. My name is Balram Kushwah and I come from a village in Dewas district of Madhya Pradesh.

I was first with AIM for Seva’s Chatralayam in Nemawar (AIM for Seva Pushpeshwar Chatralayam for Boys, Nemawar, Madhya Pradesh) and was then sent to Bhopal by Swamiji (Swami Aishvaryananda Saraswati ji, AIM for Seva’s coordinator for Madhya Pradesh) to complete my schooling. After completing my schooling from Bhopal, I came to Indore (Bapu-Buddh AIM for

Seva Chatralayam for Boys)  to complete my college. I did my college with Pujya Swamiji’s blessings, I got a job in the postal department of India.

Before that, I served rural and tribal students by teaching and guiding them during this Corona pandemic. I continue to teach and train around 100 students from rural and tribal India by the inspiration of Pujya Swamiji. All of this happened because of Swamiji and other supportive members of AIM for Seva and donors from USA and Canada. With the help of them, students like us got to build our future.

My coordinator used to visit us at the hostel every month. He inspired and motivated us to study hard.

One of my fondest memories is attending the 100th hostel function at the Music Academy in Chennai in 2014. It was an experience of a lifetime!

Hostel life at AIM for Seva was very enjoyable. Along with school education, we imbibed cultural education at the hostel and values for life like giving respect to elders and anushasan (discipline).

Again my humble pranams to all of you who helped me directly and indirectly. With the help of all of you, I am able to build my future.”