AIM for Seva

Gowravva’s Journey at the Chatralayam

Despite facing hardships early on in life, Gowravva Virupakshappa Belahar. The Chatralayam at Yelahanka became a enabler in education and empowerment for a young girl from Hubli.

“Namaste. This is Gowravva Virupakshappa Belahar from Hubli . Recently, I completed my Bachelor’s degree ( in Nagarjuna College of Management Studies,  Chikkaballpur.

I hail from a  poor family. I lost both my parents and have six younger sisters and two younger brothers.

         I joined the Swami Dayananda AIM for Seva Chatralayam for Girls, Yelahanka, Karnataka in 2005. I would like to frankly admit that before I joined this Chatralayam, I knew nothing.

I am extremely grateful for experiencing a full fledged metamorphosis after entering the Yelahanka Chatralayam ecosystem. I learnt lot of things apart from going to school like chanting of mantras, yogasana, craft and sports etc.

After  leaving the AIM for Seva Chatralayam at Yelahanka,  I joined Nagarjuna College of Management Studies Chikkaballpur with the support of Dr. H.N.Vasan.  During this time, I also  worked part time as an  assistant warden  at a pre-university college ( PUC ) hostel for residential girls .

I am happy to share that now  I have been successfully  placed in Bizprout Private Limited, Bengaluru.

Thank you so much for everything,  AIM for Seva. This is not only a NGO, it is everything for me. I cant express it in words but this charity has been a bedrock of support for me during my formative years.”