AIM for Seva

From Bholenath to Bollywood: Music to Everyone’s Ears

Kedar Dodwe is a shining example of how an educated man can bring about a change in his family, village and community. An alumnus from our Chatralayams in Madhya Pradesh, Kedar relentlessly campaigned in his village (Tiwadiya in Dewas district, Madhya Pradesh) recently urging all the village folk to take their Covid-19 tika (vaccine shot). “The youth has power and people do listen to them.  I am happy to share that today 80% of the people from my village are double vaccinated and I am continuing my efforts towards 100% vaccination.”

Kedar is currently employed in the Commissioner of Higher Education Department at Bhopal Directorate, Madhya Pradesh Government.

The son of a farmer, Kedar enrolled into the Bapu-Buddh AIM for Seva Chatralayam for Boys, Indore, Madhya Pradesh when he reached Class 6 in 2006. He is happy to have got into the AIM for Seva network at the right time. “Village life is different and there is not much importance given to higher education. Also, we lived life on our terms out there. There was no fixed time even for lunch and dinner and we went to school whenever we wanted to or just loitered around the fields.” He is the youngest among four brothers.

Coming to the Chatralayam changed all of that. It is at the Indore Chatralayam that Kedar learnt  that discipline, time management and focus were the three key successes to life. Soon, his marks showed an improvement and when he reached Class 9, Kedar shifted to the Smt. Jamuna Bai Chanchlani AIM for Seva Chatralyam for Boys in Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh.

After completing Class 12, Kedar came back to the Indore Chatralayam to do B.Com from the Devi Ahilya Arts & Commerce College, Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

Kedar has very fond memories of his Chatralayam years.  “We made a few attempts to run away from the hostel and were up to other tricks all the time.  Looking back, what I really marvel now is how our coordinator and warden continued to remain unfazed and unmoved all through our attention seeking tactics and antics,” says Kedar with a laugh.

The failed hostel escapades continue to remain a ‘camaraderie point’ whenever the old boys from the Madhya Pradesh meet up. “We end up pulling each other’s leg like if you had not sneezed so loudly while climbing over the wall the warden would not have woken up and we would have all ‘escaped’ in the dead of the night!”

Mischief apart, Kedar had a musical side to him since his school years. “Though I am not formally trained in classical music, but I would like to say I had a flair for singing.” He became a  lead singer in group bhajans. While in school, Kedar got a chance to perform in various competitions.

In 2017, he cleared the first two stages of the Indian Idol round. A self confessed fan of Sonu Nigam and Rajesh Singh, Kedar runs a YouTube channel since August 2018 on which he has uploaded close to 11 songs sung by him. One of the 11 is Bharata Desa Hitaya, composed by our Founder, Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati.

On the work front, Kedar wants to continue in his current job and his preparing for the department level examinations on which promotions and bigger roles are based. He continues to keep his singing interest alive by straddling from devotional to film,  Bholenath to Bollywood. “When it comes too garnering viewership, Bollywood is critical,” says the upcoming musician.

“My hostel mate (Nepal Mujalde) and I hope to set a studio one day,” adds he.

In the end, Kedar offers his thanksgiving. “I like to take this opportunity and thank the AIM for Seva donors.  It is because of their support that boys like me have been able to complete their studies. AIM for Seva made be into a capable young man who can take care of his family.”

Keep smiling Kedar.