AIM for Seva

Can We

The New Year brings in new hope and resolutions.  In order to achieve our goals that we have set for ourselves in 2022, we share some excerpts from Can We by Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati.

Begin now to move forward. Look at yourself as you are. Take stock, a deliberate, quiet dispassionate stock, of yourself. Now the vision may even prove to be a daydream, an end not given to you to achieve or many of your visions maybe no better than whims of a mind moving in a world of fancy.

In the discovery of your limitations, such visions naturally drop off. To look at oneself, besides through in the mirror, is not common but possible with an amount of dispassion. Such a self -look does lead one to revelations, often startling but fruitful.

One is not sincere to others unless one is to oneself. To know that we are insincere is to be sincere to ourselves. Therefore, over an instant we become sincere.  The beginning of a sincere life is made in that owning of one being sincere. Hence, there is no room for regret, no room for condemning oneself.

This does not require any further knowledge on our part. Neither has it required any external prop, Just  a dispassionate, deliberate self- look and there you are changed, transformed.