AIM for Seva

Tailoring Convocation

AIM for Seva is proud to share that 32 women have successfully completed the one year basic course in tailoring (2020-2021) from its three centres in Uttarakhand. The tailoring and cutting course calendar runs from November to October.

The convocation ceremony was held on 18th November 2021. On this occasion, certificates and sewing machines were distributed to the graduating students. The ladies from all three centres put up an exhibition of the dresses they had made.

The first sewing centre for women was established in 2002 by AIM for Seva in Uttarakhand. By establishing the centres and running a structured programme, AIM for Seva is helping women from remote regions on the path of entrepreneurship and economic progress.

Update from our Non Formal Education Centre

Since 2002, a non formal education center has been running at Bapugram village in Uttarakhand. This project is specifically targeted at drop out students (5 to 12 years of age) of labourers and daily wage earners like domestic helpers, rickshaw pullers and hawkers.

The non formal education centre follows the academic year pattern focusing on providing coaching and academic support. At the end of 12 months, based on assessment, the students are admitted to regular schools again.

To motivate the students to attend classes regularly, they are given biscuits at the end of every class. At the end of the course, they are gifted with school going items like bags, lunch boxes, pencil box and stationery kits and tee shirts. All this is done to encourage the students to complete their basic education.

Currently, 25 students are enrolled at the non formal education centre at Bapugram from Classes 1 to 7.

The significance of such a programme cannot be under estimated.  The disruption in regular schooling due to the ongoing pandemic has resulted in learning gaps among school going children. Children from rural India and tribal lands have been the hardest hit.  In such a scenario, non formal education centres like ours act as a catalyst and prevent students from dropping out of school.

Moreover, parents are also counseled to allow their wards to go back to school. In some cases, targeted assistance is provided to those students who wish to join mainstream schooling again. Home tuition services are also provided when parents are not able to provide the required assistance and where there are huge gaps in learning.