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Science of Vedanta: Personality Unfoldment

The western view focuses on personality development of a person while the eastern traditions focus on personality unfoldment.  Pujya Swami Dayananda goes on to explain the same.

Building up of personality seems to be one of the foremost aims of modern man. How to be genial, how to win friend, these and many books in the same refrain cater very well to his needs.

They start on their scheme of development on the theory that personality should be developed. Based on this premise, they offer thousand and one tips and techniques and practice. Let us tell you, they are cent per cent superficial.

Vedanta is a science of personality unfoldment, not personality development. It revolutionises the inner being first and thus unfolds the powers that lie within. It brings about a transformation in our understanding and thus brings into being the hitherto veiled wisdom.  It removes the cause of our sorrows and thus grants the condition for the joy that is within us to flood our entire being.

The unfoldment of personality is profound and real; but the development is superficial and fake.