AIM for Seva

Sandhya Gurukulam Classes Get Underway

We are happy to share Sandhya Gurukulam (evening value-based educational classes) have recommenced across the AIM for Seva network.

Till date, 1,150 students from rural and tribal parts of India are back to their respective Chatralayams. After the mandatory health check-ups, the students have resumed their schooling as well as activities at the Chatralayam after a one and half year break on account of Covid-19

To make up for the time lost and  also give an added edge to the students, Sandhya Gurukulam classes are currently underway across our Chatralayams and in close vicinity to them in Bobbili, Chilamathur, Peddapadu, Yeleshwaram and Srikulam, Andhra Pradesh.

As on date, six Sandhya Gurukulam centres are functioning in Andhra Pradesh of which two are situated around the Swami Dayananda AIM for Seva Chatralayam for Boys, Bobbili. Around 225 students have benefited from this intervention so far.