AIM for Seva

Gaining an Abiding Mind

Our Founder, Pujya Swamiji Dayananda Saraswati’s Aradhana Day will be observed later this month (23rd September 2021). On this occasion, we pay our homage and humble respects to one of the greatest spiritual masters in modern times.

In this section, we share a small excerpt the Moments with Oneself Series: Crisis Management.

A cantankerous, non-loving person has to discover first, a relatively abiding mind. An abiding mind serves you in two ways—by helping you to be qualified for the teaching of Vedanta and by enabling you to discover an abiding love in your relationship with another person.

Love for another is something you discover within yourself when that person pleases you. You cannot ‘will’ to love another because love is not an action that is performed. To discover an abiding love in a relationship with a given person, you must first gain an abiding mind. To gain an abiding mind means developing certain values and attitudes and being clear about their importance. With such values in hand, you are granting the proper conditions of love. Accommodating others is one such value. In fact, your anger is due to lack of accommodation because you want the entire world to behave according to your expectations.

To develop a value for accommodating others, one fact needs to be clearly understood, that the other person behaves in a given manner because he or she is incapable of behaving differently. “He could have done better,” you say.  If the person could, then he or she would have. What right do you have to demand that another person act according to your expectations? Would not the person then also have the right to ask you to behave differently?

Only by accommodating others, and allowing them to be what they are, do you gain a relative freedom in your day-to-day life.

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