AIM for Seva

English Speaking Classes at Yelahanka Chatralayam

“What is the meaning of good?” prompts the teacher. Every Saturday, 21 students from the Swami Dayananda AIM for Seva Chatralayam for Girls, Yelahanka, Karnataka, are busy attending spoken English classes.

This effort has been initiated by the AIM for Seva Bangalore team. The volunteer teacher’s stipend has been sponsored by Sri. K. Vaidyanath, a long term supporter of AIM for Seva while Ms. Aruna Madnani, Ms. Namita Kejriwal and Sri. S. Jothi from the AIM for Seva Bangalore team are actively involved in this project.

This programme is being conducted by SA Beneath the mango tree, a social nonprofit community centre based out of Bangalore. The organisation’s prime focus is empowerment of the disadvantaged youth of India by teaching them spoken English.  Project Ekkyaa (100 hours of spoken English) aims to increase spoken English fluency and provides educational content and training. The end goal is to improve the student’s communication and confidence skills and enhance their career prospects.

“The purpose of starting this programme was to improve the basic and conversational skills of students. They are very happy,” says Ms. Namita Kejriwal. In addition, computer training is also provided to the students. The students are taught English from an introductory level.

The Saturday afternoon class programme which commenced from 18th June 2022 is of two hour duration; from 3 to 5 pm. Ekkyaa will continue at the Yelahanka Chatralayam till the end of this year.