AIM for Seva

Relief Seva in Rural India

North, south, east and west. Our coordinators, sevaks and alumni are on mission mode with respect to Covid-19 relief related work across India. Thousands of beneficiaries have been positively impacted from this Covid related Seva.

Andhra Pradesh

Daily Annadanam service is continuing at Anantpur, Andhra Pradesh, under the guidance of Swami Sthairyananda Saraswati ji. The scope of Annadanam has been extended to include breakfast. The volunteers are also distributing food to care givers outside a Covid speciality hospital in the region.

At Baptla, Swamiji and his team are providing freshly cooked home meals to those who are in Covid isolation.

Covid vaccination programme has commenced at the Kamalapuram Chatralayam premises. Our local committee members are involved in the supervisory arrangements along with local government officials.

Andhra Pradesh AIM for Seva team has joined hands with RSS and is helping to perform last rites for people who have passed away due to Corona in Gudur.


The coordinator of AIM for Seva’s project in Belgaum is reaching out to Archakas (temple priests) with essentials. Their income has been impacted due to lockdown and rules relating to congregation in religious places. 

At Tondikatti, Karnataka Covid immunity booster is being distributed to people residing in 15 villages surrounding the Chatralayam. This door-to-door campaign is continuing. Similar, relief work is happening at Kanasageri also.

The coordinator and sevaks in Yelahanka are doing Annadanam service.

The coordinator of the Udupi Chatralayam is distributing provision kits comprising rice, dal and vegetables to the poor and destitute regularly.


The coordinator and staff at the Palakkad Chatralayam are distributing food packets on a daily basis. They are also supplying fruits and vegetables from the Chatralayam’s kitchen garden to those in need everyday.


Under the supervision of Swamini Spastatmananda Saraswati ji, AIM for Seva sadhaks have hired a three wheeler and are engaged in door to door distribution of essentials in slum areas.

Himachal Pradesh

At Solan, our alumni are cooking and providing piping hot food to other needy children on a daily basis under the guidance of Acharya Nawneet ji..

Madhya Pradesh

Under the guidance of Swami Aishvaryananda Saraswati ji, the coordinator of AIM for Seva’s projects in Madhya Pradesh, sevaks in Indore are reaching out to people on the footpaths and other poor and needy people with power packed essentials daily.

Each pack contains freshly cooked food, water bottles, biscuits, energy drinks and a pair of masks. Till date, over 8,000 people have been reached through the Annadanam service. The volunteers are reaching out to people at Ring Road, AB Road, Bombay Hospital Chowk etc. The Indore chapter also footed the medical bill for a girl recently. Food packets are also being continuously distributed to care givers at MY Hospital, Indore.


Under the supervision of Swami Vishnuswaroopananda Saraswati ji, the seva team at the Swami Dayananda AIM for Seva Chatralayam for Boys, Nagpur, Maharashtra, is distributing grocery kits to road dwellers residing under a flyover in the region.

Similarly, the field staff guided by the coordinator at Maval Chatralayam, Maharashtra, are providing complete groceries regularly to many labourers living nearby daily.

Uttar Pradesh

AIM for Seva—Ek Kadam Aage—One Step Ahead. 

Led by Swami Shraddhananda Saraswati ji, the coordinator of our Chatralayams in Dighawat and Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh, volunteers are distributing vegetables and immunity booster kits to needy people in the surrounding regions on a daily basis. At Sonbhadra, they are distributing grocery kits.

Swamiji and his team are reaching out to boatmen on the banks of the Ganges in Varanasi with relief supplies.

Tamil Nadu

Swamini Visvapriyananda Saraswati ji, the coordinator of our projects in Dharmapuri, is personally involved in the making and distribution of Kabasoora Kudeneer, an indigenous herbal concoction which acts as an immunity booster against Covid-19. Along with her team of volunteers, Swamini Visvapriyananda Saraswati ji is giving the drink to villagers residing in over 11 villages surrounding Dharmapuri daily.

Under the supervision of Swamini Suddhavidyananda Saraswati ji, the coordinator of the  Girls Chatralayam at Chinnasalem, Tamil Nadu, Annadanam service is being conducted at Virudachalam nearby. Sanitation workers have been the biggest beneficiary under this scheme.


The AIM for Seva team at Alwal, Telangana, is providing provision packs comprising potatoes, onions, salt, oil, chilli powder, pulses, rice and turmeric to the poor and needy families.

The Kallur team is distributing grocery kits to poor families from the surrounding areas.

The Hyderabad team of AIM for Seva is also distributing provisions and groceries to all those who are in need of the same on a daily basis.