AIM for Seva

Commencement of Sandhya Gurukulam Classes

Sandhya Gurukulam classes have commenced across a few of Chatralayams.  Students living in close vicinity to the hostels are actively participating in this evening value-based educational programme.

AIM for Seva’s USP is its pedagogy, a value-based education model. Our Founder, Pujya Swamiji always advocated the importance of culture based education in addition to the regular K-12 education.

Only a child who is made aware of his or her culture would grow up to be a confident individual and contribute to the nation building progress.

To this end, the Sandhya Gurukulam was conceptuailised by Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati. This programme was to be conducted in the evenings in villages where children came to a common venue. It was visualised as a programme that aimed at overall growth of a child. The idea was to shape young minds especially those living in rural and tribal areas. That’s because a child living in a far off mountainous region or forested area is often left to fend for himself or herself as parents grapple with issues related to daily livelihood. Also, the deep penetration of television in rural areas coupled with gadgets has resulted in the child not paying attention to homework and daily studies, let alone imbibing good habits or knowing about one’s cultural heritage.

The Sandhya Gurukulam model is seen as an important step in culture validation for children in rural India.

As part of our community development outreach initiative, tailoring classes for women have commenced at the Swami Dayananda AIM for Seva Chatralayam for Boys, Yeleshwaram, Andhra Pradesh. Five women from the neighbouring villages have joined the programme.

When it comes to the girl child, AIM for Seva’s intervention just doesn’t end with education. Through its community development projects, AIM for Seva ensures women empowerment enabling them to take their first steps towards economic independence.

Ever year, an annual tailoring convocation off all the three sewing centres located in Uttarakhand is organised. During last year’s convocation (October 2020), a total of 27 students from Haripur Kalan, Shyampur Khadri and  Bapugram graduated in the one year basic course in tailoring.

In the recent past, a tailoring programme was started for ladies living in close vicinity to the Dr. Rangrao N Jadhav AIM for Seva Chatralayam for Girls, Bidar, Karnataka.