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College Reopening; Students and teachers look forward to a bright academic year

On 8th February 2021, the Swami Dayananda College of Art& Science, Manjakkudi, Tamil Nadu, reopened its doors after 11 months of digital learning. The air resonated with the prayer song. Teachers welcomed the students to their respective classrooms.

“Students are now listening to vibrant lectures and accessing the library,” principal of the college V. Hema said. She adds that the college students prefer in person learning than virtual classrooms.

The Swami Dayananda College of Arts & Science, Manjakkudi, Tamil Nadu, was one of the first educational institutions in Tiruvarur region to embrace the online mode of learning when the national lockdown was announced on 24th March 2020.  Digital learning posed its challenges in the region that included technical and network glitches, affordability and accessibility (lack of access to smart devices). It is pertinent to note here that over 90% of the college students are first generation learners from agrarian backgrounds.  Challenges notwithstanding, online classrooms saw a good traction with 99% students logging online and attending classes last year.