AIM for Seva

Bharata Desa Hitaya

While the second wave of Covid-19 has been more violent than the first wave of 2020 and has brought misery and suffering to thousands of people across India, many among us have also risen above the call of duty and stepped out and helped others, when they needed it the most.

In this section, we share the preamble from AIM for Seva’s national anthem, Bharata Desa Hitaya, in which Our Founder, Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati, beautifully illustrates the power of seva.

Kuru Sevam Tvam—this is the theme, the theme of an all-India movement, a movement for Seva. Every Indian should have this awareness of taking take care of people of this country, the people who need help, who are isolated, alienated from the mainstream society and whose culture is also in danger, whose livelihood etc. is not in a desirable state.

So, the people of the country should take care of the people, even though the government is trying, itself can’t do, people should help people.

So,here is the theme song in simple Sanskrit which tells exactly what we need to do.

Bharata Desa Hitayafor the good of this country, known as Bharat.

Kuru Sevam Tvam—Do What You Can Do.

The basic meaning of the anthem is given below.

Bharata, Rama’s brother was given the kingdom and he said no. Then because of the insistence of Rama, he ruled the kingdom until Rama came backpurely as a seva to Rama. So Bharata stands for that seva. Then again, Bharata not onlyRama’s brother, Dasharathi Bharata, but thenthe Bharata of Natya Shastra,Bharata, the king, Jada Bharata, the great sage, all these people besides Panini and others, have served this country, enriching its culture,its religion. Do What You Can Do- Kuru Sevam Tvam.

For the protection of the people living in the mountains, in the forests, the people living in all these places– from Setu to Himalayas, Rameshwaram to the Himalayas. In the entire country, people living in different remote places, they need to be protected, their culture is to be protected, their health, everything is to be protected, for their well beling. Do What You Can Do- Kuru Sevam Tvam.

For the increase in their health and also in their longevity and therefore the environment has to be proper. And for reestablishing the Dharma, the structure of Dharma to which people conform and there should be social justice, that is also Dharma. There should be economic justice, there should be law and order. People respect law and order, so to bring about that kind of society, Do What You Can Do—Kuru Sevam Tvam.

Do what you can to remove poverty in thinking, The person who is a recipient of help should be able to contribute. The consumer if he is able to contribute, then that is called Subhiksha. Everybody is a consumer. The consumer besides being just a consumer, is able to contribute more than what a person consumes, there is Subhiksha and that is sustainability. People should be able to sustain themselves and help others.

There are people who are in a condition where they need help and the people who need help, let us not think they are people who are poor etc. There are people who are poor in thinking, all of them , Dena Janas, helpless people. Therefore, perhaps emotionally, some people require support, not economically. Therefore, wherever there is a necessity to extend a helping hand to somebody, one has to do that.

Dena Jana Udharanaya is pulling them up from the place they are in now. Once they are up on their own, then they will be able to help others, wherever they are, urban areas or in the rural areas. Do What You Can Do—Kuru Sevam Tvam.

Dena Janas are there all over the world, first we take care of our people here in this country. If we achieve Subhiksha, then we can help others too, we have no boundaries. For help, there is no boundary. For seva, there is no boundary. But within the boundaries of this country, we would like to see that the people help each other, that awareness is to be brought about and this is the song, the theme song—Bharata Desa Hitaya.”