AIM for Seva

All India Movement for Seva

We pay our respects and homage to the Founder of AIM for Seva, Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati on the occasion of his 91st Jayanthi (15th August 2021).  In this section, we rewind the clock and share Pujya Swamiji’s vision with respect to the All India Movement for Seva (AIM for Seva).

India is a land of rich cultural unity and diversity, but there is not adequate dialogue or connection between people in the urban and rural areas with those living in the hills, forests and tribal regions. We need to bridge this gap and express our care.

Caring is such a beautiful word. The more you care for others, the more you grow into a complete person. You need not have compassion; act compassionately. There is no other way. Care for your culture, your own religion. Start with the people of your own country.

An economically or emotionally vulnerable person or community needs support and validation. Such weaknesses cannot be allowed to be exploited. Without actively reaching out to the less privileged people, in areas of education and health, there would be imbalanced growth and distribution of the economy and wealth.

India is a living organism and not just a geographical area of Asia. The people here have a spiritual vision of life and a way of life leading to that vision. Giving for the sake of giving is our culture. We grow by giving. For in giving lies self growth. Everyone is born a consumer. An adult has to grow into a contributor.

Excerpted from Swami Dayananda Saraswati Contributions & Writings by Sheela Balaji