AIM for Seva

A Giving Heart

“My late husband and I have been followers of Puyja Swamiji for about 25 years now. We have been giving to AIM for Seva for many years, and I continue to sponsor the expenses for two children each year,” says the elderly lady, who prefers to remain anonymous.

In his will, her husband had pledged Rs. 75 lakhs for the construction and upkeep of a Chatralayam in any tribal region in India. “My husband said that the people in tribal areas are the ones who have the greatest need. He didn’t have any preference for the region or place.

AIM for Seva suggested a place in Odisha, and we agreed right away,” she says. This generous donation was chanelled towards building the Dayasagar AIM for Seva Chatralayam for Boys in Kalahandi, Odisha—a beautiful home away from home for 25 boys.

For the couple, giving was a way of life. “I believe that what we have is not ours. We are carrying it for others. We have to take what we need for our maintenance but the rest doesn’t belong to is—in fact, we are carrying a gift meant for others.”