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Vedic School

Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati believed that education coupled with cultural validation was key to inculcating self-confidence in the youth of our country. This was the founding principle behind the Swami Dayananda Vedapatashala in Kodavasal, Tamil Nadu, which helps to sustain and propagate India’s priceless Vedic knowledge and tradition.

Keeping alive our rich spiritual tradition, even as we imbibe modernity and progress, has been a key aim of AIM for Seva. To propagate, promote and spread the learnings of our rich Indian heritage through Vedanta studies, the Swami Dayananda Vedapatashala was set up in Tiruvarur district, Tamil Nadu. The seven-year course teaches mantrams and yagams, and is run by expert faculty members. Since its inception in 2005, over 50 students have graduated from this traditional centre of learning and found employment as teachers and priests. 31 boys are currently living and studying in this Chatralayam. In the recent past,  we have also had NRI (non-resident Indian) students coming here for short-term courses.