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Talk on Ishvara and Saraswati Antarvahani​

Talk on Ishvara and Saraswati Antarvahani

On the auspicious occasion of Saraswati Puja (25th October 2020), AIM for Seva organised a virtual fund raiser for the girl childProgramme highlights included a talk on Ishvara by Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati from the Hastamalakiyam camp, Rishikesh (April 2009) and Saraswati Antarvahini by Kalakshetra Foundation.

We have happy to share that till date, over 3,163 people have viewed this programme and counting.

The event began with Saraswati Antarvahini by the Kalakshetra repertory. In her introduction, Smt. Revathi Ramachandran, director, Kalakshetra Foundation explained to the audience that Saraswati is a river which is mentioned in the Rg Veda but lost her significance in the post Vedic period. “She came to be associated with knowledge, arts, literature, music, dance and so on. Saraswati is symbolic of intelligence, creativity, imagination and education.”

The dancers then mesmerised the audience with Saraswati Antarvahini. In their presentation, they brought to life the concept of ‘Saraswati’ – a timeless idea that cannot be captured in a given space. The ancients offered a naama and ruupa to this idea. They named it Saraswati. If it flowed through the terrain with a physical source, course and destination, it is called nadi Saraswati. If it is contained in a stone or wood through a ritualistic installation, it is called pratishta Saraswati. If it is manifested in words, it is kaavya Saraswati. If it is enacted through a dancer, it is called naatya Saraswati. In essence, Saraswati is a powerful catalyst of our civilisation.

The dance programme was followed by Pujya Swamiji’s talk on Ishvara. Pujya Swamiji begins the discourse with a powerful statement —Idam sarvam iisha vaasyam—all that is here, known and unknown are Ishvara and that is the truth.”

Pujya Swamiji then goes on to add that Ishvara in essence is limitless consciousness and stresses that Ishvara is always within us and can’t go away from us.

Pujya Swamiji makes his audience see that Ishvara is not a matter of belief, but a matter of understanding. He illumines the fact that Ishvara is manifest in the form of one mahā order which includes all orders. The infallible order is Ishvara. Pujya Swamiji says that we have to intimately recognise the order that is total—Ishvara in all its detailed manifestation in our life. We can’t gloss over with a general statement, ’all that is here is ishvara.’ “It is then that you are in touch with Ishvara.”

In the abiding presence of Ishvara as order of orders, the jīva’s thoughts and emotions are validated. As they occur, they have a place in the order. That understanding frees us from guilt and helps us do what is to be done. If we have that understanding, we can relax.  Pujya Swamiji makes us ask ourselves: Can you be away from Ishvara? The answer is that Ishvara, who is manifest in the form of order, pervades the jīva all the way – and we cannot be alienated from him at any level of our life.

We conclude the section by sharing some testimonials received from the audience who watched this programme.

  • “Educating a girl child is a noble cause and my request to all Pujya Swamiji’s devotees to sponsor at least one child.”

— Sri. T.R. Mahalingam

  • “Wonderful creation of Ishvara followed by what promises to be an engrossing talk on Him. We are thankful to AIM for Seva.”

Sri. Pravat Kumar Mishra

  • “Since this year, I have stopped taking gurudakshina from students and asked all of them to support activities of AIM for Seva. Some had donated during Navaratri and others wish to do more regularly. Hoping that the pandemic will cease so that we can actively contribute much more. “

–Swamini Sumatmananda ji

  • “Great performance, very thankful for the premiere invite and wishing the team all the very best for many more wonderful performances.”

Sri. Jawahar Narayanan