AIM for Seva

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Sandhya Gurukulam

There is a growing demand for after school educational support and cultural training for students from rural and tribal India.  As part of our educational outreach initiative, AIM for Seva is looking to bring in more students into its network through Sandhya Gurukulam or evening tuition centre.

A trained sevak or Sandhya Gurukulam teachers takes on the overall responsibility of the programme. Students from neighbourhood village assemble at a common value for learning.


  • Education—that focuses on academic improvement
  • Value-based education and culture validation—Imbibing of cultural and learning values from early on in life
  • Physical Fitness—Sports and Yoga

Current Reach

  • 4 States (Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat,Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh)
  • Total Number of Centres: 81
  • Total Number of Students Benefitted: 2,025

Statewise Presence

Andhra Pradesh

  • Number of Centres: 17
  • Number of Students Benefitted: 425


  • Number of Centres: 1
  • Number of Students Benefitted: 25

Uttar Pradesh

  • Number of Centres: 1
  • Number of Students Benefitted: 25

Tamil Nadu

  • Number of Centres: 62
  • Number of Students Benefitted: 1550