Winners Take it all


Winners Take it all

Karate is a way of life at the Swami Dayananda AIM for Seva Chatralayam for Boys, Utnoor, Telangana.  The boys practice karate regularly and have attended the free grading test organised by Bodhi Budokan Karate Association and received grades based on their proficiency.

In February 2020, they participated in 1st Invitational South National Karate Championship 2020 organised by Senshi Karate Do (Telangana) and won the 2nd and 3rd prize in Kumite / Kata categories.

In December 2019, Athram Rajesh, a Class 9th student won the 3rd prize in the individual Kata / individual Kumite competition at the 1st Shobukai International Karate Championship 2019 organised by Shobukai Shito-Ryu Karate Federation International at Kotla Vijay Bhaskar Reddy Indoor Stadium, Hyderabad.

AIM for Seva runs 104 Chatralayams from Karnaprayag to Kanyakumari. The hostel provides students from rural India educational plus support. This includes free schooling and boarding, 3 nutritious meals and exposure to extracurricular activities like music, yoga and other sports. The idea is to nurture children from the hinterlands with value-based education because only a student who is confident of his or her roots will become a contributor to the nation.

Located in Telangana’s Adilabad district, the Swami Dayananda AIM for Seva Chatralayam for Boys, Utnoor is home to 45 students.

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