Toppers During Tough Times


Toppers During Tough Times

The board examination results (Classes 10 and 12) are being declared across the country. It has been nail biting for high school students in India who had some examinations pending when the first national wide lockdown was announced on 24 March.

Amidst the pandemic gloom, there is a silver lining. When the lockdown was announced, some 250 students continued to stay across our Chatralayams. Many of them were yet to complete their board examinations while others whose homes were far could not go back in the absence of proper transportation facilities.

Our students’ hard work and perseverance has paid off. In this section, we share some short profiles of some such achievers from across India.

Madhya Pradesh

Ajay Mourya, a Class 10 student from the Smt. Jamunabai Chanchlani AIM for Seva Chatralayam for Boys, Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh, scored 98% in the board examinations. He is a school topper and was ranked second at the district level in Hoshangabad.

Similarly, Anjali Gurjar, a Class 10 student from the Inder and Prabha Sharma Higher Secondary School, Khategaon,  Madhya Pradesh, scored 98.5%. She was the school topper and secured the 10th position in the Madhya Pradesh merit list.

School principal Sunaina Sharma says that the institution will offer all possible support to Anjali for her bright future. Anjali hails from Bhedi village.


Vijayakumar G Biradar, a Class 12 student from the Jaya Smrithi Dhama AIM for Seva Chatralayam for Boys, Udupi, Karnataka, scored 92% and was the topper in the science stream in his school.

Vijayakumar joined the Udupi Chatralayam seven years back when he was in  Class 6. He is now preparing for the CET (common entrance test). “AIM for Seva has given me a good foundation and I was constantly encouragement to study. I will keep in touch with this institution throughout my life,” says Vijayakumar.

Tamil Nadu

It was 100% pass when it came to the first batch of Class 12 students from the Swami Dayananda Rotary Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Kadalur, Tamil Nadu.

Out of the 34 students who appeared for the board examination, 8 students scored above 400. S. Sanjay who scored 90% was the school topper. He also secured the first position in the   Madurandhagam Educational District level (that has 56 higher secondary schools).

Another student, K. Praveena  scored 99%  in Tamil and secured the state first rank.
Vishva, a Class 10 student from the Swami Dayananda AIM for Seva Chatralayam for Boys, Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu, scored 83.5% and the secured the third position in school.

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