The Way Forward


The Way Forward

As the country gets into the unlock mode and we get back into our daily routine, it will be a start from scratch for many.

Contemplation and introspection are not restricted to lockdown alone. As we start our lives afresh, many thoughts are racing our mind at the moment. In this section, we are happy to share guidance from Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati – timeless wisdom by our Founder in his own inimitable style.

Why should we share our vision?

Many organisations, despite extensive restructuring, do not function successfully and produce the desired results because people in it are not together. The people are not together to pull it off. Togetherness does not come by simply saying, “We should be together; we all should work together.” It is by communication, by sharing the vision.

Suppose a man is building a temple, a stone temple. The main architect knows exactly what is going to be created. Every stone is measured. He has the whole temple worked out on paper or its equivalent when there is no paper. The whole temple including the tower is all stone. The architect knows exactly where each stone and sculpture has to go and they are all coded. He knows; but the others who are asked to dress the stone and chisel a particular stone and chisel a particular figure do not know. They only know their part. He should share his vision of the temple with every worker, even a simple man who is cutting the stone from the rock, so that they know their role well. “Hey, this is going to be the pillar, it has to be one big piece.” If he knows, he is at once involved in the temple. Wages are not the motivating force even though wages are involved. Money alone cannot make you work with a commitment. If money is the only motivation to work, someone can offer better money. What is the limit? But one can work for a cause because one is a human being.

A human bring is not a machine. He has emotions. He needs satisfaction of accomplishing something. Therefore, he should feel he is involved in the huge work that is going on, the larger purpose.

Excerpted from Moments with Oneself

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