Success Stories from South


Success Stories from South

As the board examination results start trickling in, we are happy to share testimonials from a couple of girl achievers from Tamil Nadu.

A student from the Emirates AIM for Seva Chatralayam for Girls, Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu, M. Krishnaveni became the first girl from her village (Irulapatti, Krishnagiri district) to complete high school. She joined the Dharmapuri Chatralayam when she was in Class 6 and completed her plus 2 this year.

Krishanveni who scored 49%, comes from the marginalised Irular community. She was felicitated for her achievement by Ms. Sangeetha, deputy superintendent of police, Denkanikottai police Division, Tamil Nadu.

Krishnaveni along with Swamini Visvapriyananda Saraswati ji, the coordinator of the Dharmapuri Chatralayam got an opportunity to interact with AIR (All India Radio) recently. “I am from the Irular community and no one from my village has studied till Class 12. There are a few people who have studied till Class 10. My teachers taught me well so I passed the board examination,” she said. Krishnaveni has set her sights on joining the IAS (Indian Administrative Service). “Not many people from the community are educated and in future, I would like to help them.”

In her address, Swamini  Visvapriyananda Saraswati ji, the coordinator of the Dharmapuri Chatralayam said that AIM for Seva was started by Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati to enable students from rural and tribal India complete their education.

L.Divya, a Class 12 student from the Atmalaya Swami Dayananda AIM for Seva Chatralayam for Girls, Udumalpet, Tamil Nadu, scored 90% in the board examination and secured the first position in her school among 220 students.

Divya lost her father when she was young and her mother is illiterate.  She came to the Udumalpet Chatralayam when she was in Class 6.  The coordinator of the Udumalpet Chatralayam, Swamini Gurupriyananda Saraswati ji mentored Divya. “I did show that much sincerity towards studies initially. But then Mataji reminded me that if I had to reach to the top, then it was important to do make sacrifices. At the beginning of the academic year, I took a pledge that I wanted to come first and to achieve that target, I stopped watching movies as three hours of your precious time got wasted every time you watched one. Watching movies was time pass and you did not learn anything from it.”

Divya worked hard throughout the year and she was assisted by the hostel coordinator which ensured the good result. “I was able to answer all the tough questions during the school half yearly in comparison to other students because Mataji ensured we got sample question papers from Palcode. This helped me immensely during my daily revision.”

Divya says her goal is not just coming first in Class 12 and that she aspires to become an IAS (Indian Administrative Service) officer and serve her country one day. “If you see today, there are no honest officers in our country. Everyone is willing to do anything for money.”

We wish both Krishnaveni and Divya all the best in their future endeavours.

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