AIM for Seva

Students Back at the Vedapatashala

Twenty eight students from Telangana, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu have come back to the Swami Dayananda Vedapatashala, Kodavasal, Tamil Nadu, to continue with their studies.

As a first step, the students were asked to share their Covid-19 report and if it was negative, they were asked to come back to the Vedapatashala. On arrival, the students were quarantined for five days in separate quarters and a second test was taken after which they were allowed to participate in the classes.

In due course, the remaining students are expected to return to the Vedapatashala. The Swami Dayananda Vedapatashala focuses on imparting traditional knowledge systems. The residential school teaches Krishna Yajur Vedam and Vaikhanasa agama among other subjects to the students.

Alumni from the Patashala have found their way to temples located in Malaysia and Singapore who have recognised their knowledge and enthusiasm.

Students join the Patashala for a seven year curriculum and the institute follows the Guru-shishya parampara.