Student Speak


Student Speak

A student of the Atmalaya Swami Dayananda AIM for Seva Chatralayam for Girls, Udumalpet, Tamil Nadu, S. Akilandeswari scored 83% in the recently concluded Class 11th board examination and stood first in her school.

Akilandeswari came first from among 280 students and scored the highest mark in all subjects except English.

Akilandeswari recounts her journey in her own words.

“I am Akilandeswari. I live and study at the AIM for Seva Chatralaya in Kuruchikottai. I am currently studying in the RBJ Higher Secondary School.  In the recently concluded Class 11 public exam, I stood school first.

When I joined the Chatralayam, I did not know lot of things, but today I have stood first among 300 children. And the reason for this is AIM for Seva. Had it not been for the foundation that was provided to me in my Chatralayam, I certainly would have not had the courage to speak up in front of so many people.

I have been with the AIM for Seva Chatralayam for the last 8 years. Our Maaji (Swamini Gurupriyananda Saraswati ji, the hostel coordinator) constantly reinforced on the importance of honesty, integrity and truthfulness. I will always abide by this and even now, I will live by these ideals.

My dream is to become a high ranking army official and for this, I require the blessings of Pujya Swamiji.  I would like to do a lot of good work for my country. Even after I join work, I will continue my association with AIM for Seva as I am indebted to it. To all my AIM for Seva family, I would like to declare that in the next 5 years, you would see Akhila in her military fatigues and uniform. But for that to happen, I require your blessings and best wishes.”

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