Restrict Movement


Restrict Movement

As we are entering the phase of staggered withdrawal of the national lockdown, it’s important that we continue to maintain some of the best practices that we observed during the lockdown for some more time.

  • Continue following the Government (Central and State Government) guidelines– The battle with Covid-19 is not yet over. So, it’s imperative to follow the Governmental guidelines issued in this respect in full letter and spirit.
  • Continue with personal hygiene and respiratory hygiene— Spikes can happen after normalcy returns as observed in reactivated and imported cases in countries like South Korea, Singapore and China. So, continue wearing masks and gloves, cleaning your hands frequently with soaps and sanitisers and disinfecting work and public spaces at frequent intervals.
  • Avoid any form of long-distance travel—There is still uncertainty in the air. Avoid long distance travel (whether within India or abroad), unless it’s absolutely, absolutely essential. You certainly don’t what be stuck in the middle of nowhere in such times.
  • Invoke the Indian homemaker spirit in you— Remember how the left overs from a party tasted much better the next day. Yes, we all need to constantly improvise individually on how we continue with our SD (social distancing) measures just like our mothers who worked on making plain dishes fancier in the kitchens for years.
  • Social Distancing Leads to Better Savings—There is a price tag attached to every outing. In an era of salary cuts, job losses and retrenchment, it’s equally important to look at cost cutting and saving measures back home.
  • Avoid organising or going for social gatherings— Even if wedding bells are ringing back home, opt for a homely affair or a temple wedding. The money that you have saved up for you daughter or son’s wedding is safe and can be put to use in better times.
  • Finally, health is wealth— Only a healthy and productive workforce can contribute to an Indian economy recovery.

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