Pujya Swamiji on Sri Rama


Pujya Swamiji on Sri Rama

Sri Rama, the meaning will be, in whom the people revel, that will be the meaning of the word Raama. One thing is clear you can revel only in a source of happiness. You can’t revel in a source of unhappiness, you can rover, but not revel. So you revel only in happiness. So, Raama becomes a source of happiness. His life, his form, his knowledge, at every level he is a source of happiness. You are pleased. So he is Raama.

He can be taken as Atma, name for the atma as it is used, because the source of happiness is the self, is the Lord. And one who is full, in that fullness you dip yourself, you are also happy, you mean the mind. So, Raama can mean the self, Raama can mean the Lord, who is all, can mean the person, who is a source of happiness. This is from the standpoint of the etymology of the word. Etymologically looking at it, through the verbal sense, then you get this meaning Raama, means the source of happiness. So, the story of Raama is something that has mingled with the people in the country.

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