Holistic education for all


Holistic education for all

While students of our 2 schools and college in Manjakkudi, Tamil Nadu, have embraced the new mode of virtual classrooms whole heartedly, the academic and non-academic staff are also keeping pace with the latest learning methodologies and tools in this small village on the banks of river Kavery.

As part of continuing education efforts, the teachers and other non-academic staff at the Swami Dayananda Matric Higher Secondary, School, Manjakkudi, Tamil Nadu, are taking part in daily educational sessions.

For the Akkas of the educational institution, the school management has devised courses on value-education, songs and slokams. In addition, in the general session, the helpers are taught other critical skills like filling up of leave and bank forms and simple mathematics and calculations. In order to improve the economic position and earning potential of such ladies, hand work classes (stitching, embroidery and basket weaving) is also being taught in the school premises. Physical well-being is also looked into with the Akkas being taught yoga and other exercises for 15 minutes daily.

As part of knowledge enhancement initiative for the teachers, a session is being held every day on how to use the laptop and associated applications effectively, like MS Word, MS Excel and how to make power point presentations.

Teachers are also being encouraged to present a general or subject specific topic everyday. “This is a small effort to educate ourselves and we are learning from each other,” says Ms. Padma Raghunathan, principal, Swami Dayananda Matric Higher Secondary School, Manjakkudi, Tamil Nadu.

In addition, the teachers at the school are being encouraged to prepare a department wise manual. “This will enable them to strategise and systematise the curricular activities and also identify and bridge learning gaps,” says Ms. Padma Raghunathan.

Manuals for the library room, physical education and yoga, an arts and music manual and other languages manual (Hindi and Sanskrit) are also in progress. Free laptops (aided by AIM for Seva) are being distributed to the teachers.

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