AIM for Seva

GYLP Goes Online

Covid-19 has ensured that we all embrace the digital medium one way or the other.  As part of its vision to shape future leaders, AIM for Seva USA has been organising the GYLP (Global Youth Leadership Programme) programme for close to a decade now.

GYLP provides opportunities to Indian American students to partake in a cultural exchange programme with students from rural India. Every year, GYLP students travel to Manjakkudi, the birthplace of our Founder, Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati and teach the students in our schools and Chatralayams located in the region. Course components include spoken and written English, hands-on science concepts, Indian classical music and dance, US history and US sports to an assigned class of students.

With the pandemic refusing to die away, GYLP went on an ‘e’ mode this year. A two hour online programme was done on 2nd January 2021 for the students of the Swami Dayananda Matric Higher Secondary School, Manjakkudi, Tamil Nadu. A total of 105 students participated in this programme from Manjakkudi. They were taught by 11 GYLP student teachers from USA.

Ms. Deepika, an English teacher from the Swami Dayananda Matric Higher Secondary School, Manjakkudi, Tamil Nadu, rendered the welcome address.  After this, GYLP students Swathi and Manisha taught bhajans to our students.

The school students were then split into five groups (class wise) and were joined by the teacher in-charge of the respective classes. The GYLP student teachers taught vocabulary, word building, fun games and math puzzles. The school students eagerly participated in this e-learning programme and interacted with the GYLP student teachers.

Sri. Srini Raman, chief operating officer AIM for Seva USA said that the GYLP programme has helped improve the English language and communication skills of the students at Manjakkudi. Twenty five school students from Manjakkudi shared their feedback after the event.