Caring for life

This is an institution that is built on care. Swami Dayananda Krupa Care provides care for the family, extended family, resident and the society at large by providing lifetime support to adults (men) with developmental disabilities. This facility provides answers to the big question confronting family members—‘Who After Me.’

Spread over 10 acres and located in Maduvanakarai in Sriperumbudur, 40 kms from Chennai, Swami Dayananda Krupa Care, Tamil Nadu provides lifelong care and individualised assistance in a spiritually uplifting living space.

We have 37 residents in the campus who live in a safe, secure and hygienic living environment. Swami Dayananda Krupa Care is built on 4 Cs:

  • Compassion for the aged parents
  • Compassion for the extended family
  • Compassion for the resident
  • Compassion towards the community

Our residents are engaged in various therapeutic activities throughout the day. The aim is to improve their happiness quotient and overall well being. Such activities include marbling, Goshala upkeep, nursery management, weaving and agarbatti making.

As we have created a proven model, the next step is make Swami Dayananda Krupa Care into ‘A Centre of Excellence’ for adults with developmental disabilities by adopting an integrated approach.

We are planning to build a resource and training centre, an activity centre, health station, expansion of living spaces and construction of other ancillary infrastructure.

If you would like to support us, please contact us at + 91 -44-24987955/66 or +91-9500060153, or write to us at

Welcoming Retreat

The ‘Swami Dayananda Saraswati Memorial Centre’, now renamed ‘Jnana Pravaha’, was inaugurated by Swami Paramarthananda Saraswati on March 19, 2018, at Manjakkudi, the birth place of our founder, Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati. Gathered for the auspicious function were revered Swamis and Swaminis from across India, dignitaries and devotees of Pujya Swamiji.

Located at the heart of Swami Dayananda Campus in Manjakkudi, Tamil Nadu, the centre has been carefully designed. Spread across 3,106 square feet, it is built of teak wood and has been dressed with sandstone flooring. The exterior brims bright with traditional red oxide floor, solid wooden pillars and a sunken garden area with granite that creates a picturesque welcoming view.

Jnana Pravāha is equipped with a lecture hall with all attendant facilities like comfortable seating arrangement for around 40 students and a dais for the Acarya, audio-visual facilities and a white board for class-room sessions. The acoustics and air-conditioned ambience with adequate lighting in the presence of Pujya Swamiji’s murti presents a calming study-friendly ambience.

Dipped in quietness, Jñāna Pravāha is a welcoming destination for Vedanta retreats, lectures, discussions and meetings of AIM for Seva. The centre has an archive of Pujya Swamiji’s three-year courses as audios, e-books, a library of Swamiji authored books, reading room and is a complete aesthetic and spiritual hub.