Entry Prohibitions


Entry Prohibitions

Social distancing is the new norm in view of the pandemic that is gripping the globe. We wish to reiterate that all our children across the 104 Chatralayms are safe and have been educated about best personal hygiene practices.

Each of our Chatralayams are putting in place a set of precautions to ensure safety and well being of the children residing in the hostel, staff members and others in the nearby community. On the face of it, some may look simplistic, but it’s also important to appreciate the Indian penchant for going in for localized innovation (‘jugaad’) and adopting a solution-based approach in these trying times.

Entry barrier is one such approach. Visitors to the Atmalaya Swami Dayananda AIM for Seva Chatralayam for Girls, Udumalpet, Tamil Nadu, will now be greeted by a water storage bin placed just outside the hostel campus. Soap and sanitiser is placed above the bin. But just washing hands and cleaning legs will not ensure an easy access to the premises. A huge notice is plastered on this bin with a mobile number at the end.

Visitors wanting to step into the Udumalpet Chatralayam will first have to contact this number for entry. Already, two filters are in place. The first one, (washing hands and legs) is the orthodox way for entry.

The second barricade is placing of the phone call. These measures will help keep visitors at bay.
This method of contacting also ensures that the gates of the hostel are only opened by those residing in the Chatralayam premises and not outsiders. It is our own small effort to fight this deadly virus.

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