Designing their Future


Designing their Future

A project that started with the hostel girls from Yelahanka, Karnataka, being encouraged to dab, smear and paint has finally culminated into art work by the girls on kora fabric that has been digitised and printed into bags. Earlier, quilts were made out of the artworks designed by the students.

Under the aegis of the Art for Development Programme. Ms. Jayashree Poddar, design director, Himatsingka Seide was happy and inspired to work with the children.

Ms. Jayshree Poddar conducted an art workshop on fabric painting on kora fabric for the girls residing and studying at the Swami Dayananda AIM for Seva Chatralayam for Girls, Yelahanka, Karnataka, last year.

Recalling the day long workshop with the girls, Ms. Jayshree Poddar says they were provided with pieces of cloth (4” 8” inches) and allowed to experiment and paint with freedom. “Before the session started, we had a small session on body movement to help them open up. Soon, the girls warmed up and from there on, it was action based communication and it was delightful to watch them deeply absorbed in the art work.”

The designs created were curated by Ms. Jayshree Poddar and it was decided to craft quilts and bags from the art work. Post design digitisation, it was printed on fine luxurious soft cotton satin (60’s count) from Himatsingka Seide and quilted with a 200 gsm poly filling along with a matching bag.

The fabric is colour fast and machine washable and comes with a cotton mulmul cover and a little matching bag! These are stunning quilts with each quilt design signed by the child artist.

“Many girls used dark shades while painting so the removable mulmul cover helped soften the shades. Also from a utility standpoint, cleaning is made easier. You just have to wash the cover and the quilt stays protected,” says Ms. Jayashree Poddar.

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