“Bharata desa hitaya, kuru sevam tvam.”

Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati’s legacy of seva has been our guiding principle in activities of AIM for Seva.

Today, the need of the hour is support for those suffering due to the COVID pandemic. The AIM for Seva family has come together to offer assistance. Our Chatralayams and social service centres across India have become the bases from where our Swamijis and Swaminis, Facilitators and Alumni are helping people in remote rural areas by distributing groceries, cooked food and ayurvedic medicines for free.

Extend a helping hand and support our seva to those in need.

Donate Towards Grocery

Donate grocery for 1 to 10 families Rs 2000 / Rs 20000
Total money donated ₹49,001.00
Donors 9

Donate Towards Feed the Needy

20 to 50 nutritious and hygienically packed Meals Rs 3000 / Rs 7500
Total money donated ₹92,500.00
Donors 16

Donate Towards Ayurvedic Medication

Kabasura kudineer+MYNCIL immunity booster distributed amongst frontline workers,locals and homeless per day cost Rs 5000
Total money donated ₹5,000.00
Donors 1
Spent on Groceries
Spent on Nutritious Food / Meal
Ayurvedic Medication