Cautionary measures against COVID-19


Cautionary measures against COVID-19

This is to inform all our well wishers

  • All our children in the 104 Chatralayams are safe
  • Most of the children who live in the nearby villages has been sent home, and asked to remain indoors and safe
  • Our children have been educated on the basic precautions they need to take, and asked to help elders at home to take the same precautions
  • As per the information received from all our 104 Chatralayams, only 16% of our students are staying behind. Students from distant locations (who are unable to travel) and those who are yet to appear for the board exams are still staying at the Chatralayams and are being looked after. As we are waiting for clear Government notifications on the status of the Board Exams, our students are staying on in the Chatralayams.
  • Sufficient care and precaution have been put in place. All our children are being monitored closely if they show any symptoms of cough, cold or fever. Their temperatures are also closely monitored.
  • We have doctors who have agreed to help us in case of emergency and need. The coordinators and wardens have been educated on COVID-19 and the precautions they need to take.
  • Our children spend some time every day, chanting and praying for the well-being of all global citizens, and for everyone to be healthy and safe
  • In these times of social distancing, our children send their prayers for global well-being and special prayers for all to be free from COVID-19
  • For any emergency, you may please reach us at +91 9500060153 or write to us at

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