An Incredible Experience

Amreli Hostel

An Incredible Experience

Shreya Kanani from Canada raised CAD $5,000 to support the installation of the solar power system at the Swami Dayananda AIM for Seva Hostel for Boys in Amreli, Gujarat. She shares her experience of her visit to the Chatralayam.

In my effort to continue supporting AIM for Seva, I planned and hosted a game night, had an entry fee, sold raffle tickets and gave door prizes. I am very grateful for my family’s and friend’s participation and donations in helping the funding of my initiative as I was able to raise $5,000. I am so excited that this sponsorship will be able to cover the expenses of the solar power system, making the Swami Dayananda AIM for Seva Hostel for Boys, Amreli, Gujarat hostel more self-sustaining.

I started 2019 by visiting the students studying and living at the hostel in Amreli on January 1st. Not only did my Nani (maternal grandmother) and I get to see the hostel but we also got to host a lunch and see the school that the students attend. We got to feed the cows that are located in hostel campus.

We were fortunate to hear a short lecture given by Swami Nitya sudhananda Saraswati ji and receive his blessings. It was amazing to hear the boys as they chanted Sanskrit prayers before lunch.

India was such an incredible experience. This trip has made me realise how fortunate I am and how important it is to give to those who may not have the same luxuries and opportunities that all of us have. I feel so blessed and I am excited for the next opportunity to get to do something like this again.

Our journey to educate and empower rural India could have not been possible but for the support of countless donors, volunteers and other well wishers – both from India and overseas. Since 2002, AIM for Seva Canada has built 27 student homes in India, and the organisation supports over 600 students annually.

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