AIM for Seva

Donor Association: 2G Donor, Local and Alumnus Support

One of AIM for Seva’s committed supporters, Sri.Padmanarayanan from Chennai recently paid a visit to the Semmangudi Higher Secondary School, Sembangudi, Tamil Nadu.

On this occasion, the school management, staff and students accorded a warm welcome to Smt. and Sri. Padmanarayanan. A students meet was conducted at a smart classroom where Smt. and Sri. Padmanarayanan delivered speeches commending the work done by the school giving a special mention of the disciplinary standards maintained by the institution.

Sri. Padmanarayanan has donated 20 chairs and 22 stitched uniforms to the current batch of Class 9 students. Sri. Padmanarayanan also mentioned that his family (son) will continue to support our school during the next year as well.

What also deserves special mention is that the alumni of the Semmangudi Higher Secondary School continue to retain ties with their alma mater. Recently, Sri. M. Radhakrishnan, an alumnus of the school awarded cash prizes totaling Rs.33,000 to toppers of both HSC (higher secondary school certificate) and SSLC (secondary school leaving examination) toppers.

An orthospine surgeon from Tiruvarur district, Dr. B. Vignesh has been continuously helping the Semmangudi Higher Secondary School, Sembangudi, Tamil Nadu. Two years back, he dedicated a reverse osmosis (RO) plant totaling 1,000 litres. He also ensured we got two years of free maintenance with respect to the RO facility.

During the current financial year, Sri. Vignesh supported the maintenance work associated with the RO facility. Sri. L. Shanmugam, a vocational teacher from the school was also involved in this process.

The school management thanks the above donors and supporters for their commitment and gestures towards our endeavour to educate rural India.